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Comedic REEL with episodes from

Jacks Jacuze


Directed by Fernando and Vicente Cordero

Buchanan's+J Balvin 

Es Nuestro Momento

FD Photo Studio photoshoot backstage

Produced by

Be Stout -clip

Directed by Warren Lam

8 Reels of Sewage Official Trailer #1

Julia is playing Gwendolyn

Model test shooting at FD Photo Studio
Produced by

EKAT EXPO 2020- All The World In One

Directed by Rupert Wainwright



Episode 1 "I'm A Guy"

Julia is playing Melissa

Underbelly Teaser

Directed by Warren Lam

Shane Filan - Everything To Me

Featuring Julia, as one of the flight attendants

Jez Dior - Who Drank My Whiskey

Directed by Valentina Avuyau

FlagBox Commercial

Directed by Tatyana Kim

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